Our Story ~ Our Mission

Owner and cultivator Raffi Meyer was born in a log cabin in the beautiful mountains of Idaho where he spent his first ten years developing a love of nature. Raised by vegetarian parents instilled an early appreciation for natural and homegrown food, which ultimately led to his love of horticulture and specifically growing food. His family moved from the mountains to the beaches when they relocated to Cardiff by the Sea, California. Just as he loved the mountains, lakes, streams and plant life of his early days, he fell in love with the ocean, beaches, and laid-back community that he’s been a part of since 1988. Raffi’s enthusiasm for making people feel good, combined with his love of growing these little nutritional superheroes can be tasted in every microgreen he grows.

Our mission is to sustainably grow organic food that is accessible to all and contributes to the health of the individual, the community, and ultimately our planet.